Sweenor Builders is not a place that’s focused on titles, but if we were, we might name Sheila Vice President, Co-Founder, Numbers Guru or Unsung Hero.  Working behind the scenes (which is A-Okay with her), Sheila is the glue that keeps us together and operations running smoothly.

Sheila oversees fiscal management and insurance matters for the firm.  In her role, she directs multiple aspects of our accounting systems, software, and financial reporting.  Beyond keeping a close eye on the books, Sheila is responsible for oversight of subcontractor insurance compliance, workers’ compensation, liability insurance and all related audits.

A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, Sheila began her career as Pharmacist.  She worked full time while Jeff built the business, helping him when she could. As the business grew so did the demands of payroll and accounting, and eventually Sheila joined Sweenor Builders full-time.

Who We Are

The foundation of our success is our people.