Project Manager


Eric guides our clients through the complex process of designing, permitting and building custom residential projects.  A draftsman and project manager, he splits his time between the drawing table and the field, pairing insight for room layouts and the efficient use of space with hands-on builder skills.

Eric brings technical expertise to his role, but equally important, a sense of humor that puts everyone around him at ease.  He has more than 15 years’ professional experience, but you might say Eric was born into construction in his grandfather’s shop.  He began his career with Sweenor Builders, and then enjoyed the experience of owning his own firm, before coming full circle to rejoin the collaborative culture that he likes most about our team.  He has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

A life-long learner, Eric continually engages in classes and conferences related to energy efficiency and innovative building technologies.  He credits his success to the fact that he doesn’t know everything.  He adheres to the credo of remaining open to new ideas and the expertise of others.  As for the art of building relationships, he’s gleaned that skill from having lived in almost every corner of the U.S.

Who We Are

The foundation of our success is our people.