Little Green Giant

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Enjoy a sneak peek of the October issue of THIS OLD HOUSE® magazine featuring Sweenor Builders’ work on the Jamestown Net-Zero House!  The article, “Little Green Giant,” covers our transformation of a 1920s cottage, including an in-depth view of the game-changing technology that will ensure the home can produce as much energy as it will need.

A labor of love, the Sweenor team has been proud to support our architect and partner Don Powers (from the This Old House® Idea House projects) on this quest to turn a 100-year-old Jamestown-village bungalow into an environmentally conscious modern home for his family.  The extensive renovation doubles the home’s footprint with a 1,000-square-foot addition, resolves asbestos and environmental issues, overhauls mechanical systems, incorporates sustainable building products and technologies, and restores the charm that had been lost after two mid-century renovations.

For an insider’s look at the inspiration for the project and it’s unique features, download the article.  Or, to follow the evolution of the project on the 40th season of This Old House, tune in to PBS on Thursdays at 8PM beginning Thursday, October 4th.  You can find full details on how to watch in our post here.