Beach-town Bungalow

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Get a closer look at the build of the This Old House 2018 Idea House with our sneak peek of the October issue of This Old House Magazine!

This is the multi-media brand’s fourth annual Idea House and the second to be built by Sweenor Builders.  You can download “Beach-town Bungalow” here to learn more about inspiration for the project and the innovative building technologies behind it.

The finished project will be unveiled in the November/December issue of This Old House Magazine, highlighting the many talents of our in-house designer and owner of Graceke Design Kristen Martone.

The project will also appear in several segments of the 2018/2019 season of the Emmy Award-winning TV series This Old House.  Tune in to watch the evolution of the project (along with footage of Sweenor’s Jamestown Net-Zero project) on Thursdays at 8PM on PBS beginning Thursday, October 4th.  You can find full details on how to watch in our post here.